Worldwide Betting – Making the world smaller, one card at a time

A globe of the world with a stack of chips

There is no limit to the volume of games available around the world at present, hundreds of slots, all the popular card games, such as poker, blackjack etc, different variations of Roulette and the best dice games around, such as Craps and Sic Bo. Different countries have different regulations regarding their betting laws and regulations. Throughout this introduction, we will take a look at how gambling trends, laws and activities differ between a lot of the English speaking countries in the world, such as United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

New Casinos are opening from country to country and offshore all the time, there’s never been a bigger choice

Just because a casino isn’t based in your country of origin, does not mean you are not ok to bet with that casino. In fact, in some countries, you can only join a casino based overseas due to the legalities in that particular country. Online gambling laws have been significantly relaxed in many countries but there are still certain restrictions in place so we will have a good look to ensure that wherever you are placing your money, it is safe to do so and within the law. Certain countries have restrictions on the games that they can play also, and whether they can bet both with the online casino and sportsbook or just one or the other. There are other changes around the world that you will notice as well. The payment options will obviously change, with certain methods only available in certain locations, depositing and withdrawing methods differing from each other and also the timescale of the withdrawals can differ quite considerably. Secondly, customer services. The methods of contacting customer services won’t be the same from country to country and the opening hours for phone calls etc can differ not just from country to country but from casino to casino within the same country. Hopefully, the information we provide to you will save you a lot of time researching for yourself.

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